The GREAT adventure in the sea.

The much anticipated highlight of the week was a deep sea fishing trip. I had never done anything like it!  A chartered boat took us 30 miles out to sea. It was about an hour ride, going 25 mph. Land quickly disappeared, and the darkness of early morning quickly changed from dark blue waters to increasing heat of the sun rays and clean bright blue waters.

The expert captain and first mate grew up fishing the area and knew every spot the fish would be. They expertly tied lines and passed out fresh bait. We got a few nibbles and some small fish. Our weighted lines dropped to the bottom of the ocean 100 feet below. Those small fish became bait and our captain maneuvered us to a new location for some different fish.  If we did not quickly get bites, we reeled our lines in and moved again. After a few locations we started getting some nice sized fish.

I have never caught anything bigger than river trout. These fish quickly went to the bait moments after you dropped in. You tug back against their bites and suddenly your lines bends into the water, almost in half. The line whizzes as the fish runs with their snack. They take a break and you reel in fast, pulling up. Back and forth, the fish fights, and you fight back. It’s an intense arm, back and ab work out! As soon as the fish is near the surface the first mate was ready to hook them in.

In between catches, we took breaks to eat a sandwich or watch each other reel in their catches. The waves were about 8 feet tall. The sun got hot. The 12 year old had a few good catches almost pull her into the ocean so she napped off the rest of the day on some bean bags. If you were not ready, the rolling deck on the 40 ft boat would knock you over. Yet another good full body workout just standing.

Tired out and with some impressive catches, we headed back to land lounging in the afternoon sun and spray of the waves.  

We got back to our inlet. Only to meet the Coast Guard….

To be continued.

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